Sectors & Practice Areas

Public International Law

Saltzman & Evinch, PLLC advises foreign governments on the legal aspects of their foreign policy development and implementation. Our firm guides them through the legal aspects of issues that may affect them in the American legislative and judicial arenas. The firm also has significant experience in legislation and treaty interpretation, the operation of international organizations, U.S. foreign relations, national security and human rights law.

In the litigation arena, Saltzman & Evinch, PLLC has developed a niche expertise in foreign sovereign immunity and federal jurisdiction. The firm has defended foreign governments and their agencies in politically sensitive matters, particularly tort and property class actions. Our senior attorneys have won substantial cases for noteworthy clients before state and federal courts across the United States.

Notable Cases

  • Davoyan et al v. Republic of Turkey et al.: Co-lead counsel in class action suit against foreign national banks, based on an alleged expropriation of property in violation of international law. Won dismissal of the case on jurisdictional grounds. Case is currently at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Case No. 10-5636 (DMG) (C.D. Cal. 2013).
  • Bakalian et al. v. Republic of Turkey et al.: Co-lead counsel in suit against Turkish national banks based on an alleged expropriation of certain properties which are currently leased by the U.S. government at the Incirlik Air Base pursuant to a federal contract with the Republic of Turkey. Won dismissal of the case on jurisdictional grounds. Case is currently at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Case No. 10-09596 (DMG) (C.D. Cal. 2013).
  • Pacific Consolidated Industries v. Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Turkey, United States: Lead counsel in case seeking to throw out the forum selection and choice of law provisions of a foreign defense procurement contract. Won dismissal of the case. Case No. 96-00561 (C.D. Cal. 1996).
  • International Creative Talent Agency v. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: Lead counsel in case filed by a talent management agency on behalf of the entertainer Julio Iglesias against the Turkish Cypriot government regarding governance of the northern half of the island of Cyprus and the enforceability of contracts with entities formed under its laws. Won dismissal of the case. 856 F.Supp.2d 223 (D.D.C. 2012).
  • Crist et al. v. Republic of Turkey et al.: Co-lead counsel in case against the Republic of Turkey in a lawsuit alleging that Turkey wrongfully expropriated the property of U.S. citizens in Northern Cyprus during military hostilities that led to the division of the island. Won dismissal at the district court on statute of limitations grounds and after obtaining a favorable opinion at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit won dismissal again on at the district court on jurisdictional grounds. 107 F.3d 922 (D.C. Cir. 1997), 995 F. Supp. 5 (D.D.C. 1998).
  • Toumazou et al. v. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: Lead counsel defending foreign governmental entity in an ongoing class action lawsuit brought by foreign plaintiffs for rights in property on the island of Cyprus, alleging dispossession in the aftermath of military hostilities on the island. Case No. 09-1967 (D.D.C. filed Oct. 19, 2009).
  • Latchford et al. v. TRNC et al.: Lead counsel defending foreign governmental entity in in an ongoing class action lawsuit brought by foreign plaintiffs for alleged involvement in a property development scandal. Case No. 12-846 (PLF) (D.D.C. filed Aug. 24, 2012).
  • Fiouris et al. v. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: Lead counsel defending foreign governmental entity in an ongoing class action lawsuit brought by foreign plaintiffs for alleged interference with rights in property on the island of Cyprus. Case No. 10-1225 (PLF) (D.D.C. filed Jul. 20, 2010).
  • In Re Harry Sassounian: Lead counsel for survivors of a terrorist attack in which a foreign diplomat was assassinated in Los Angeles. Repeatedly successfully opposed parole of the convicted terrorist.
  • Schmidt v. Krikorian: Co-counsel for plaintiff, a sitting member of the U.S. Congress, in action before the Ohio Elections Commission in case alleging violation of state elections laws. Won favorable verdict at the commission, which ordered a public reprimand of the defendant, who subsequently failed in his election bid. The verdict was sustained on subsequent appeals. (Case 2009E-003, Ohio Elections Comm.)
  • Lewy v. Southern Poverty Law Center: Co-counsel for plaintiff, an emeritus professor at the University of Massachusetts against publisher who issued allegations of academic fraud. Won pre-trial retraction of the story, an apology and a financial settlement. (Case No. 08-1971 (D.D.C. filed Nov. 17, 2008)

Notable Sovereigns Represented

  • Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Republic of Turkey
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Turkmenistan
  • Sri Lanka

Notable Agencies and Instrumentalities of State Sovereigns

  • The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
    (Türkiye Merkez Bankası)
  • TC Ziraat Bank
  • Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB)
    (Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birliği)
  • Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM)
    (Savunma Sanayii Müsteşarlığı)
  • Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TICA)
    (Türk Işbirligi ve Kalkınma Ajansı)


Saltzman & Evinch, PLLC understands the integral role non-profits play in providing voices and building communities for the many cultural, educational, and philanthropic interests of society. As non-profits and community-based organizations have gained more influence, government oversight and regulation have deepened and broadened.

Our firm provides legal counseling to many non-profit organizations on matters relating to corporate formation, non-profit compliance, governance, tax law, public education, and advocacy and lobbying. Helping non-profits navigate government regulations and compliance procedures enables non-profits to better serve their communities.

Notable Clients

  • Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA): Advising national membership organization (IRC § 501(c)(3) exempt) on various matters of governance, operation, regulatory and tax reporting, and advocacy on behalf of its membership.
  • Turkish Coalition of America (TCA): Advising educational organization (IRC § 501(c)(3) exempt) on various matters of governance, operation, tax structuring and reporting, general reporting, and advocacy.
  • TC-USA PAC: Advising non-connected, non-partisan political action committee on governance, procedures and Federal Election Campaign Act compliance.
  • The family of Bashar Kadumi: Representing on a pro bono basis the family of a foreign journalist who is missing on assignment in the war in Syria while employed by a quasi-governmental U.S. company.
  • San Diego State University: Advised regarding the potential elimination of study abroad programs on political grounds. Prepared testimony for Trustees of the California State University.
  • Turkish-American Religious Foundation (Turk-Amerikan Diyanet Vakfi): Advising umbrella organization that owns numerous mosques and Turkish community centers across the United States on various matters of governance, operation, real estate, contracts, labor/employment, immigration and general reporting.
  • Turkish-American Community Center (d/b/a Diyanet Center of America): Advising organization, which operates a small Turkish village in Lanham, MD consisting of a mosque, cultural center, Turkish bath, fellowship hall and residential houses, on various matters of governance, operation, real estate, contracts, labor/employment, immigration, and general reporting.


Our firm provides pragmatic business advice and services to both foreign and domestic companies, focusing on those matters with a cross-border component or in which a foreign or domestic governmental entity is a party. We have also assisted numerous Turkish companies in establishing a presence in the United States.

Saltzman & Evinch, PLLC provides a full array of legal service to its international business clients, including:

  • Due diligence investigations, for M&A and strategic market assessment
  • Independent sales representative agreements
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Licensing and other forms of proprietary protection
  • Distribution arrangement
  • Establishing, financing and operating foreign branches and subsidiaries
  • International business negotiations
  • Structuring, acquiring and disposing of real estate investments
  • Handling of international disputes
  • Trade regulation
  • Compliance with U.S. securities and export laws
  • Immigration matters
  • All aspects of international and domestic tax law
  • Litigation and arbitration proceedings
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards

Saltzman & Evinch, PLLC is unique among international business practices. Our native insight and understanding of diverse business cultures and laws, coupled with our extensive contacts in Turkey and the surrounding regions, has made us valued counselors to our international and American clients.

Notable Clients, Projects, and Cases:

  • Ahiska Turkish American Community Center: Advised regarding a long-term financing agreement for the conveyance of a derelict public building in Dayton, Ohio to a local community organization who would rehabilitate and utilize it.
  • Anadolu News Agency: Advised regarding the establishment and operation of a U.S. news bureau.
  • Bahçeshir University: Advised regarding the opening of a satellite campus for one of Turkey’s most prestigious private universities.
  • BLJ Worldwide: Advised multinational public relations firm regarding attempts by former client to obtain internal documents for use in litigation against a third party. Advise regarding compliance with federal registration requirements.
  • Ihlas News Agency (IHA), Dogan Group: Advised regarding the operation of their U.S. news bureau.
  • ODTU Teknokent USA, LLC: Advised foreign technology incubator on establishment of operations in the U.S.
  • Redstar Aviation: Advised regarding the establishment of a U.S. subsidiary. Represented parent company in share sale to a third country purchaser.
  • STM USA, LLC: Advised foreign defense engineering firm on establishment and operation of U.S. office and on regulatory issues.
  • Subway International, B.V.: Assisted one of America’s largest food franchises in establishing and maintaining overseas franchise agreements and development agent agreements.
  • Wildlife Control Center: Advised small specialty ammunition manufacturer regarding overseas sales of products designed to frighten wildlife away from active airports.
  • Intercontinental Development Corporation v. Wells Fargo: Successfully represented client in suit against Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. for wrongful dishonor of bank items. (Dist. Maryl. 2012).
  • Pakcan v. Hill Indus.; Pakcan v. AR-AS; Pakcan v. Allied: Successfully represented claimant seeking damages for defendants’ failure to abide by commissions contracts in sales of defense goods. (D.D.C. filed Nov. 2002).


The Saltzman & Evinch immigration practice serves multinational corporations, medium-sized privately-held companies, smaller start-up ventures and organizations affiliated with foreign sovereigns. We have a full-service immigration practice group that has extensive experience in handling immigration matters for clients operating in a wide range of industries including: IT/technology, construction, engineering, hospitality, aviation, healthcare, manufacturing and education.

In addition, our immigration practice serves embassies, religious organizations, and other non-profit entities, as well as individuals. Beyond expertise in immigration law, the firm’s thorough understanding of the bureaucratic intricacies and frequent interaction with decision makers at U.S. government agencies and their inter-agency counterparts around the world, provide a solid foundation to provide effective representation to our clients.

  • Non-Immigrant Work Visas
  • We advise and assist employers of all sizes in connection with the sponsorship and employment of foreign nationals. Our immigration team has established a stellar international reputation in obtaining high-volume H-1B visas (foreign professionals in specialty occupations), L visas for transfers within international companies, R-1 visas for religious workers and H-2B visas for seasonal/temporary workers. We assist both large and start-up companies in formulating effective strategies to hire foreign personnel. Our immigration team handles a variety of nonimmigrant visas for businesses and individuals including:

    • H-1B for professionals
    • H-2B for seasonal/temporary workers
    • L-1A/L-1B for intra-company transferees
    • E-1/E-2 for treaty investors and traders
    • B-1/B-2 for business visitors and tourists
    • P for athletes and entertainers
    • O-1 for individuals with extraordinary ability
    • R-1 for religious workers
  • Employment-Based Green Cards
  • Saltzman & Evinch represents a variety of individuals seeking permanent residency as well as companies seeking to sponsor their employees for permanent residency. We also provide legal advice and assistance to corporate clients with the transfer of executives and employees to the United States and the development of corporate immigration policies and strategies critical to the competitive performance in the American market. Our immigration team has extensive experience in handling all types of permanent residency (green card) cases including:

    • PERM Labor certification
    • Multinational executives and managers (EB-1(c))
    • Immigrant investors and regional centers (EB-5)
    • Extraordinary ability immigrants (EB-1(a))
    • Advanced-degree professionals (EB-2)
    • National Interest Waiver Cases
    • Professionals and skilled workers (EB-3)